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Recent Florida Nematode Study Shows Great Results

Recent Florida Nematode Study Shows Great Results When Dale Walters, CGCS at Moorings CC in Naples FL was asked about doing some tests on his fairways of a promising new nematode control program, he was happy to co-operate. With more than 20 years experience at the Moorings Club, Dale had been looking for a more cost-effective application that could help him reduce nematode control inputs without sacrificing turfgrass quality. Dale was familiar with running agronomic tests on his greens, as he had previously worked with the USGA [...] Continue Reading →

Liquid Aeration Saves Time and Cuts Hassles

Liquid Aeration Saves Time and Cuts Hassles ~with Wes Ory, Heritage Lawns & Irrigation Wes Ory is owner and founder of Heritage Lawns & Irrigation in Kansas City, in business since 1995. Heritage Lawns prides themselves on being an earth-friendly lawn and irrigation company. Their focus is trying to do the right thing, whether it’s saving water with their irrigation services, or using organic fertilization practices. According to Wes, Kansas City has a real heavy clay soil that bakes down into brick every summer. Heritage Lawns had [...] Continue Reading →

Liquid Aeration is a Big Upgrade for Iowa Golf Course

Liquid Aeration is a Big Upgrade for Iowa Golf Course “I sprayed a tank-mix with Oasys Ultra and Thatch Relief and within about a week and a half, two weeks, I noticed a huge difference. It was like being on a different planet! The feel of the surface when you walked on it, to the receptivity of the shot, to the speed of the greens. The speeds went up probably 2 ½ to 3 ½ feet, we couldn’t even believe the response we got.” - Chris Black, PGA pro and owner/operator at Hickory Grove Golf [...] Continue Reading →

Soil Tech Impresses with Turfgrass Research Over the Past 30 Years

Soil Tech Impresses with Turfgrass  Research Over the Past 30 Years Tom Rowell has been working in the golf course maintenance industry his entire career. Currently, he is in the Golf & Turf Division at Northeast Nursery. He reflects, “It’s amazing to think that one of the first biological products I ever came in contact with was over 30 years ago. At that time there weren’t many around, very few on the trade-show floor. Now, as time has gone on, biological products are part of our everyday use in the golf [...] Continue Reading →

Kick It Up a Notch with TurfTech Bio

Kick It Up a Notch with TurfTech Bio TurfTech Bio has been solving problems for 100’s of golf courses since 1985. This triple-action biofertilizer reduces soil compaction, cuts fertilizer needs, and suppresses turfgrass pathogens. Andy Morris, GCS at the Country Club of Peoria in Illinois, has been using Soil Tech’s TurfTech Bio for the past 15 years. He wasn’t really looking to change the soil characteristics of their golf course. “Really, for us it was more about a healthier plant, trying to utilize some of the natural nitrogen [...] Continue Reading →

Soil Success Solves N.C. Tee Trauma

Soil Success Solves N.C. Tee Trauma “I’ll never forget the day many years ago, when we were visited by a USGA representative from Florida. His comment was that, l’d never be able to grow grass on our 5th tee. It’s just too shady for Bermudagrass.”  When Richard McDanel, C.G.C.S. tells this story, he gives a little laugh. “The 5th tee is beautiful today. And we still have Bermudagrass and it only gets about 3 hours of sunlight a day.” After more than 25 years at Pine [...] Continue Reading →

Turfgrass Management on a Budget

Turfgrass Management on a Budget Derek Rose (shown here with his dog, Izzy) is the GCS at Eagle Ranch Golf in Eagle, Colorado.  At the Golfdom Summit in 2015, Derek came across Soil Tech Corp. Xavier Dupoux was giving a speech about the products that Soil Tech has developed. Derek says that, “When he mentioned the Thatch Relief and the Oasys Ultra it really caught my eye and spurred my interest, you know, a way to help improve our tee boxes where we don’t have [...] Continue Reading →

It’s All About the Green Speeds

It’s All About the Green Speeds Ever wonder what are typical PGA green-speeds? As recently as a decade ago, green speeds were about a whole Stimpmeter point slower than today. However, championship-level golf has become increasingly obsessed with chasing green speeds as agronomy continues to improve, enabling setup crews to pursue faster greens. “Over the past few years, the demand for green speeds above and beyond the norm is on the golf course maintenance staffs agenda now more than ever before. The goal has been to [...] Continue Reading →

Saving $$$ with “Pixie Dust”

Saving $$$ with “Pixie Dust” Meet Darin Douglas, Supt of the Mt. Prospect Golf Club in Mt Prospect, IL. The golf course was originally built in the 1920s, so it had all original greens and soil. The soil in the fairways was pretty much the soil that was there. So, they just stockpiled all the topsoil and spread it back out. There were areas where the soil was good and not so good. In June 2014 the Mt Prospect Golf Club closed for renovations for [...] Continue Reading →

TurfTech Forges Fertile Fairways and Friendships

TurfTech Forges Fertile Fairways and Friendships "Green" is a word commonly used in the turf industry. In the case of Steve Nichols, V.P. of Soil Tech Corp. and John Carlone, CGCS at Meadow Brook Club on Long Island NY, Nichols says, “When I first met John in 1986, we were both pretty green. I was in my first year of golf course sales, and John was in his first year as superintendent at Middle Bay CC. Somehow we’ve continued the relationship and remained friends over the [...] Continue Reading →