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Category: Announcements

Microp is OMRI listed!

Microp is OMRI listed! We are excited to let you know that Soil Tech's Microp is now officially listed with OMRI, the Organic Materials Review Institute. That means Microp can be used in organic production according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule. Soil Tech products have always been formulated with purity and the environment in mind, and this listing is a reflection of that commitment.  Microp harnesses the power of cyanobacteria to improve soil quality without taking the land out of production. Used [...] Continue Reading →

Bio Mega - Customer Review

Bio Mega - Customer Review Our Customers Say it Best! We love our products, of course we do! But when our customers love them so much that they take the time to tell us about it--well that’s something extra special. One of our newest customer testimonials is from Matt Whalen. In a brief video Matt tells us about his experience with Soil Tech’s Bio-Mega. This breakthrough product combines a diverse concentration of beneficial microbials, steroidal saponins and other plant-derived substances to form a total microbial [...] Continue Reading →

Bio-Mega, “A Total Microbial Ecosystem”

Bio-Mega, “A Total Microbial Ecosystem” What is our TurfTech Bio-Mega product all about? How does it work and how can golf course superintendents and other landscape professionals use it to enhance their turf performance? We hope this blog post will answer these questions and inform you about this revolutionary golf and turf product. What is TurfTech Bio-Mega? Steve Nichols, Exec. V.P. of Soil Technologies Corp. recently stated, "TurfTech Bio-Mega is a natural extension to our TurfTech branded products. Since 1986, TurfTech products have been trusted [...] Continue Reading →

Eliminate Weeds Before they Emerge with Dynaweed

Eliminate Weeds Before they Emerge with Dynaweed Want to eliminate weeds even before they emerge? Learn more about our natural and organic Dynaweed product! What is Dynaweed? Dynaweed is a pre-emergence weed control for stubborn grassy and broadleaf weeds. As a chemical-free alternative to other herbicides, Dynaweed is a safer and highly effective product for any landscape. It is non-phototoxic, so it can be used on sensitive lawns and ornamentals while still preventing the growth of persistent weeds. Dynaweed is also exempt from residue tolerance requirements. More [...] Continue Reading →

Improve Your Soil with Microp 4XL

Improve Your Soil with Microp 4XL What is our Microp 4XL product all about? How does it work and how can you use it for your own crops? We hope this blog post can answer your questions about this essential agriculture product. What is Microp 4XL? Microp 4XL is a biofertilizer that works to improve both the physical and chemical properties of your soil, to better support croplife. Unlike cover crops that must be planted and plowed down to improve soil, Microp 4XL provides all the [...] Continue Reading →