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How to Kill and Reseed a Lawn with Phydura

April 30, 2020 in Turf & Ornamental, Q&A

At Soil Tech we often get questions from people who want to get rid of their existing lawn and reseed with another variety. Many people want to know if they can replace a lawn without using harsh chemicals, and use an herbicide like Phydura instead. The short answer is "yes," and we have more detailed instructions below.

In order to kill the existing lawn, mix 1 part Phydura with 2 parts water (2x1 ratio). Since there is only one shot to make this work, we recommend this maximum concentration. (We have spoken to people that did just use the normal 3 x 1 ratio with decent results. However, we still recommend the stronger mixture.) So then, one quart product will make 3 quarts of spray. Likewise, 2.5 gallons of product will make 7.5 gallons of spray for this purpose.

For spray application of the diluted product you would need 2 gallons per 1000 sq ft. (90 gallons/acre) So then, 0.67 gallons (86 oz.) of the undiluted Phydura is needed per 1000 sq ft. (86 oz. Phydura with 170 oz. water = 256 oz. = 2 gallons). 

There are 2 important things to know when you are working with Phydura.

  1. Phydura is a contact weed killer, so it only controls what it comes in contact with. Complete spray coverage is important.
  2. Phydura works better in full sunshine and in warmer air temps. So best results are achieved if air temps are above 75F. 

Finally, the new seed can be distributed in the treated areas as soon as the Phydura dries on the leaf surface of the lawn grass. Just to be safe, we suggest waiting hours. 

The above instructions should be adequate for most lawn replacement, but if you have questions about your particular situation, please contact us