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A Natural Powerhouse

ExCite is made from shilajit (SHEE-la-jit), which is one of an exciting class of materials that Soil Tech has been researching for its plant biostimulating properties. Shilajit is composed of humic substances such as humic and fulvic acids, along with trace oligoelements including selenium. The minerals in ExCite are in ionic form, which enables better absorption into plant tissues. As a consequence, the activity of this substance is much higher than other biostimulant materials. ExCite can be mixed with foliar applied fertilizers and other materials, or it can be applied as a stand-alone input. Excite is suitable for application to all turf, including urban lawns and is intended to improve responses to abiotic stress.


Fairways, rough: 1 pt./acre
Greens & tees: 2 pt./acre
Parks & general turf: 1 pt./acre

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Product Information

Sizes & Pricing

Size Price Qty.
1 gallon $91.20
2 x 2.5 Gallons $437.00
15 gallons $1,254.00 Contact us to order
55 Gallon $4,389.00 Contact us to order
264 Gallon $20,064.00 Contact us to order