Micro-Gro AG

Full Spectrum Bio-fertilizer.

Micro-Gro is a full spectrum biofertilizer for horticultural crops, citrus, fruit, nut and other trees. This dry wettable powder mixes into a spray. Used as directed, Micro-Gro enhances stress resistance and produces superior plants. The energy rich blend of bio-active substances works to revitalize and feed the soil-plant complex so the plants thrive. A variety of natural materials are combined in Micro-Gro to provide a synergy of benefits including:

  • Beneficial microbes for nitrogen fixing and the production of soil softening complex sugars.
  • Seaweed extracts for a broad spectrum of micronutrients and to aid root development.
  • Plant hormones for increased stress resistance.
  • Humic acids for improved soil structure and increased nutrient uptake.
  • Volcanic rock powder for important minor and trace elements.

One to two pounds of Micro-Gro can be mixed with 40-100 gallons of water and used to treat an acre.

Product Information

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