It’s All About the Green Speeds

July 10, 2018

professional_stimpmeter-240x240 - article 28 - Pic 1Ever wonder what are typical PGA green-speeds? As recently as a decade ago, green speeds were about a whole Stimpmeter point slower than today. However, championship-level golf has become increasingly obsessed with chasing green speeds as agronomy continues to improve, enabling setup crews to pursue faster greens.

“Over the past few years, the demand for green speeds above and beyond the norm is on the golf course maintenance staffs agenda now more than ever before. The goal has been to increase ball roll without detriment to the turf,” says Phil Garside, Supt. of the 18-hole championship golf course at the Olde Hickory Golf & Country Club in Fort Myers, Fl. The course was designed by legendary Ron Garl.

The Maintenance Department for the Olde Hickory Golf Course has tried different silicate products to help strengthen cell structure inside the leaf tissue to help promote a more solid leaf blade. The chelated products have helped to produce a more upright growth habit on their “TifEagle” greens leading to a better cut from their mowers and less resistance to the golf ball. Hence, improved green speeds.

After testing a variety of different products, they have found that Soil Tech’s liquid product, KCS 2-0-14 applied to greens @2 gal/acre with Primo @4 oz/acre every two weeks gives them their desired results.

Phil says that throughout their high season, October to May, they increased their height of cut to .150 and still maintained speeds between 11.25 and 12 on the Stimpmeter. “No big flushes in growth, a nice color, tight dense upright plant and an improved root system. In conjunction with other cultural practices, Soil Tech’s KCS 2-0-14 “is a must for golf green health, playability and golfer satisfaction” says Phil.

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