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It’s All About the Green Speeds

It’s All About the Green Speeds Ever wonder what are typical PGA green-speeds? As recently as a decade ago, green speeds were about a whole Stimpmeter point slower than today. However, championship-level golf has become increasingly obsessed with chasing green speeds as agronomy continues to improve, enabling setup crews to pursue faster greens. “Over the past few years, the demand for green speeds above and beyond the norm is on the golf course maintenance staffs agenda now more than ever before. The goal has been to [...] Continue Reading →

Saving $$$ with “Pixie Dust”

Saving $$$ with “Pixie Dust” Meet Darin Douglas, Supt of the Mt. Prospect Golf Club in Mt Prospect, IL. The golf course was originally built in the 1920s, so it had all original greens and soil. The soil in the fairways was pretty much the soil that was there. So, they just stockpiled all the topsoil and spread it back out. There were areas where the soil was good and not so good. In June 2014 the Mt Prospect Golf Club closed for renovations for [...] Continue Reading →

TurfTech Forges Fertile Fairways and Friendships

TurfTech Forges Fertile Fairways and Friendships "Green" is a word commonly used in the turf industry. In the case of Steve Nichols, V.P. of Soil Tech Corp. and John Carlone, CGCS at Meadow Brook Club on Long Island NY, Nichols says, “When I first met John in 1986, we were both pretty green. I was in my first year of golf course sales, and John was in his first year as superintendent at Middle Bay CC. Somehow we’ve continued the relationship and remained friends over the [...] Continue Reading →

Bio-Mega at LochenHeath: Using Minimum Inputs For Maximum Output

Bio-Mega at LochenHeath: Using Minimum Inputs For Maximum Output Joe Ettawageshik is Golf Course Supt. at LochenHeath Golf Course in Traverse City, Michigan. Joe started as a second assistant 10 years ago and then, two years ago, became Director of Grounds and Maintenance. Over the past decade, Joe observed how his bosses used different fertilizer and chemical regimes. When he became superintendent, he started to develop his own strategies, which included being open to trying new products. A few years ago, Joe decided to do a trial run with [...] Continue Reading →

Mike Kitchen: Living the Dream & Solving Environmental Issues at Teton Pines

Mike Kitchen: Living the Dream & Solving Environmental Issues at Teton Pines Mike Kitchen, CGCS is “living his dream.” After graduating with a turfgrass degree from Michigan State, he pursued his goal of managing a golf facility near a world-class ski area. After a few stints as an assistant super in the western USA, he landed his current position as superintendent at Teton Pines Golf & CC in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Now,16 years later, he counts his lucky stars. “I really do love my job and the management team here at Teton [...] Continue Reading →

Liquid Aeration Saves Time and Cuts Hassles

Liquid Aeration Saves Time and Cuts Hassles ~with Wes Ory, Heritage Lawns & Irrigation Wes Ory is owner and founder of Heritage Lawns & Irrigation in Kansas City, in business since 1995. Heritage Lawns prides themselves on being an earth-friendly lawn and irrigation company. Their focus is trying to do the right thing, whether it’s saving water with their irrigation services, or using organic fertilization practices. According to Wes, Kansas City has a real heavy clay soil that bakes down into brick every summer. Heritage Lawns had [...] Continue Reading →

Should You Mulch Your Garden or Farm?

Should You Mulch Your Garden or Farm? Mulching is a farming or gardening technique that involves covering the ground and planting into that soil cover or “mulch.” In a mulched garden or farm, you will rarely see any bare soil, and weeding and cultivating are kept to a minimum. Mulching serves many purposes. It is especially good at suppressing weeds. Without access to sunlight, a weed may sprout, but it will not grow. It needs light to fuel its photosynthesis processes. Another important advantage of mulching is [...] Continue Reading →

Permatrol is Now OMRI Listed!

Permatrol is Now OMRI Listed! We are excited to let you know that Soil Tech's Permatrol is now officially listed with OMRI, the Organic Materials Review Institute. Permatrol is a spray for Powdery mildew that is labeled for all crops, including grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, flowers and ornamentals. The label includes open field, greenhouse, and shadehouse grown plants as well as nursery stock. Permatrol is composed of natural compounds originating from botanical sources.  Now that Permatrol is OMRI listed, it can be used in organic [...] Continue Reading →

Bac-Pack Helps Superintendent Cut Fungicide Sprays by 65%

Bac-Pack Helps Superintendent Cut Fungicide Sprays by 65% When Mike Greene, GCS first came to the Downriver Golf Course in Spokane WA in early 2016, it was the year that the golf course turned 100 years old. (See a video of Mike describing his experience with Bac-Pack, or just keep reading to learn more.)  “This is a really old poa golf course," he says. "Lots of trees, lots of shade, and we came into really constant Fusarium pressure almost 12 months a year. We threw all the tools [...] Continue Reading →

How Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Work

How Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Work Nitrogen fixing bacteria can literally make nitrogen out of thin air! If you have these soil-based powerhouses in your soil, they will fertilize your plants for free. If you want to know more about the details of this process and how to make it work for you, read on. There are several common soil bacteria that are capable of taking atmospheric nitrogen from the air and soil. Upon absorbing nitrogen as a gas, nitrogen-fixing-bacteria change it into nitrate or ammonia. [...] Continue Reading →