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January 10, 2019

Andy_Morris_photo-240x240 - article 31 - pic 1 (1)TurfTech Bio has been solving problems for 100’s of golf courses since 1985. This triple-action biofertilizer reduces soil compaction, cuts fertilizer needs, and suppresses turfgrass pathogens.

Andy Morris, GCS at the Country Club of Peoria in Illinois, has been using Soil Tech’s TurfTech Bio for the past 15 years. He wasn’t really looking to change the soil characteristics of their golf course. “Really, for us it was more about a healthier plant, trying to utilize some of the natural nitrogen in the soil system. Let the microbes do the work and break that down so that the plant can then take that and use it; develop a strong system below ground in order to produce a plant that’s really happy and healthy above ground. And TurfTech Bio works well with our strategies and formulas”, Andy said. “If you have a healthy microorganism population within the soil, then you’re going to have healthy soils and plants.”

The easy-to-use formulation consists of nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria that restore the soils biological fertility, beneficial bacteria to inhibit fungal development, and polysaccharides that improve the crumb structure of the soil. “These polysaccharides form larger soil aggregates which appear to be beneficial to the soil,” claims Iowa State University microbiologist, Dr. Fred Williams. Dr. Williams’ research documented a structural change in soils treated with TurfTech Bio.

The CC of Peoria used to have bad dollar spot issues on their golf course, but Andy says they don’t see as much of that any longer. And they are not seeing some of the soil borne pathogen patch diseases and stressed turf they had seen in the past prior to using TurfTech Bio. “Our turf has done very well. It’s all parts of the pie that make the whole, but TurfTech Bio is definitely a part of that pie” said Andy. The CC of Peoria golf course has cut their nitrogen use and expense to almost half since adopting the TurfTech Bio program.

The TurfTech Bio product can be applied with ground spray rigs or through irrigation injection systems. Applied at 4-6 week intervals during the growing season, TurfTech Bio provides an economical way to build and maintain an ideal soil. It can be tank-mixed and worked into rotation with other products and combined with other inputs whether it’s a wetting agent, growth regulator or a compatible fungicide application.

Superintendents spray TurfTech Bio to produce fantastic fairways, terrific tees, and gorgeous greens. Andy concludes, “I enjoy the benefits of the TurfTech Bio on our golf course. It’s been a great product for us and Soil Tech is a great company to work with.” - article 31 - Pic 2

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