Recent Florida Nematode Study Shows Great Results

July 16, 2020

Dale_Walters_CGCS-240x240 - article 23When Dale Walters, CGCS at Moorings CC in Naples FL was asked about doing some tests on his fairways of a promising new nematode control program, he was happy to co-operate. With more than 20 years experience at the Moorings Club, Dale had been looking for a more cost-effective application that could help him reduce nematode control inputs without sacrificing turfgrass quality.

Dale was familiar with running agronomic tests on his greens, as he had previously worked with the USGA in analyzing the effects of treadless tires for tractors used to spread fertilizer on greens. He concluded that, “Equipping the tractors with smooth tires led to significant savings in time and labor compared to the standard push sprayers, and we have not observed any playing quality or aesthetic issues since switching to tractor-mounted spreading.” Read more here.

The nematode control study was implemented at Moorings CC in 2019. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of natural nematode control products on golf course turf. Two ¼ acre fairway plots were tested, both with Armorex and Bac-Pack. Nematode counts were analyzed before and after completion of the protocols.

Dale concluded, “After applications with Armorex and Bac-Pack on several areas at the Moorings Country Club in Naples, Florida, I am excited to report that nematode counts have been reduced significantly. The treatments reduced lance nematode counts by as much as 90%. The areas treated looked weak and unhealthy prior to application. A couple weeks after being treated with Armorex and Bac-Pack, those areas have recovered nicely.”

The test results indicated that the treatment protocol was effective in the control of infestations with high nematode counts.

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