Soil Success Solves N.C. Tee Trauma

April 10, 2023

Pine_Lake_GC.BestPhoto.Tee“I’ll never forget the day many years ago, when we were visited by a USGA representative from Florida. His comment was that, l’d never be able to grow grass on our 5th tee. It’s just too shady for Bermudagrass.”

When Richard McDanel, C.G.C.S. tells this story, he gives a little laugh. “The 5th tee is beautiful today. And we still have Bermudagrass and it only gets about 3 hours of sunlight a day.” After more than 25 years at Pine Lake Country Club in Charlotte N.C., Richard has seen and heard plenty.

Realizing that the 5th tee area would need some extra TLC, Richard decided to try out some mycorrhizal products to see how they could help the agronomic situation. “I started with granular fertilizers that had a little mycorrhizae in them but, I was never really sure if anything was happening. A lot of those products don’t specify the shelf-life of the mycorrhizae, and some others don’t even list what organisms are in the product and/or how many. Plus, I was never sure how long they’d been in the warehouse before they got to us here at Pine Lake.”

“When I heard about Soil Success from Soil Tech I liked that it was a sprayable material with a definite shelf-life and it has a very clear list of all the species and the concentration of each,” he continues. “When we started using Soil Success, we started seeing improvements right away, and it’s gotten better every year.”

Richard describes how he uses the product, “I only apply it once a year in the spring. I want to see everything moving before I spray it out. I mix it up in a slurry in a bucket first, and then take and spray it out. It’s the only thing that I do different on those areas, and it’s our biggest success on tees.”

As proof of that point, Richard describes his tees over last winter when the extreme cold had caused widespread damage in the area. “Our tees came through great…with no turf loss due to winter kill. I think the Soil Success is great stuff. I’d highly recommend it to other superintendents.”

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