A Total Microbial Ecosystem.

The TurfTech Bio-Mega formula adds a diverse concentration of beneficial microbials that are known to improve turf rooting, nutrient uptake, and plant health.  In addition, Bio-Mega contains a variety of plant-derived substances including steroidal saponins. The impact of these phyto-chemicals, when combined with Bio-Mega’s microbial communities, is a genuine breakthrough based on solid soil science.

With the introduction of TurfTech Bio-Mega, Soil Technologies Corp. offers the next evolution in the development of biologically derived products. Bio-Mega provides golf course superintendents with an economically feasible method of reducing requirements for fertilizer, fungicides, and water.


During the Growing Season

Greens & Tees (preventative): 1 lb./acre monthly

Greens & Tees (curative): 1-2 lbs./acre every 10-14 days

Fairways/Sports Fields: Apply 1 lb./acre monthly

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