Compost Treet

Compost Accelerator with Bacteria and Enzymes

Compost Treet is an all-natural scientifically developed combination of selected microbials and nutrients designed to initiate and accelerate the composting process.

Compost Treet assists natural decomposition of organic matter and produces more consistent, mature compost.

The bacteria in Compost Treet are a selected mixture of mesophiles and thermophiles. Mesophiles grow and metabolize well at medium temperatures (70°-115°F or 21°-46°C); thermophiles do well at higher temperatures (95°-140°F or 35°-60°C). These types of bacteria are the most effective decomposers in the composting process.


5gm (0.2 oz) will treat 1 ton of material (1-3 cubic meters, depending on material density).

Benefits of Compost Treet

  • More Rapid Heat Production
  • Controlled, Optimum Composting
  • Convenient to Use

Guaranteed Analysis

Not less than 100 Billion Colony Forming Units (C.F.U.s) of active bacteria per gram.

Organic Agriculture

This is a naturally formulated product. Always check with your Organic Certifier before using this product in Organic Agriculture.

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