Fend Off (Garlic)

Animal Repellent Device

Fend Off repellent clips (formerly Plant Pro Tec) are a long-lasting and easy-to-use solution to pest problems. The all-natural repellent formulation is based on scientific data that garlic odor repels deer, elk, and rabbits. In addition to garlic and carriers, the formulation contains chili pepper to ensure that if an animal likes garlic, it will not take a second bite on a Fend Off (Garlic) unit. The Fend Off units are easy to activate and use, and are environmentally safe.

Developed by a research scientist in the Forestry Industry, over 2 million units have been used to protect forest tree seedlings, orchards, vineyards, commercial nurseries and home landscapes. Experience has shown that the Fend Off units discourage browsing by deer, elk, rabbits and other nuisance wildlife.

Once activated, the garlic odor is released over time. The cone on the inside of the device is permeable to the garlic odor but impermeable to air and prevents the oxidation of the sulfur compounds which give garlic its repelling odor. Each Fend Off unit lasts 6 months or more.

Even after the odor from the units has dissipated, users report that the deer and rabbits continue to avoid the area.

Organic Agriculture

Fend Off can be used in certified agriculture crop production, per the guidelines of the USDA - National Organic Program in the USA. Always check with your Organic Certifier before using this product in Organic Agriculture.

Product Information

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