Lagoon Kleen

Organic Waste Decomposer with Bacteria and Enzymes.

Lagoon Kleen, an all-natural product, is a concentration of special enzymes and natural bacteria cultures that help manage unwanted solids in agricultural waste handling systems. The specific cultures have been selected for the rapid and efficient biotreatment of all liquid organic waste in lagoons or other storage systems.

The selected bacteria and enzymes in Lagoon Kleen go to work quickly when placed in a waste system. They start by digesting the organic matter and nutrients which are suspended in the water column, have settled down to the bottom or are floating on the surface. By liquefying these solid wastes and consuming them through enzyme action, water clarity naturally improves, odor problems decrease, and unsightly waste materials are reduced. Clean out of waste from the storage system is made easier with the reduction of solids.

Lagoon Kleen is a non-toxic formulation of facultative aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, enzymes and surfactants effective for the digestion and liquefication of organic solid wastes found in liquid waste handling systems.

Lagoon Kleen is effective under both aerobic (oxygen rich) or anaerobic (oxygen starved) conditions. Existing recirculation pumps will be enhanced in their performance with Lagoon Kleen. The natural ingredients in Lagoon Kleen are recommended for improving the microbiological balance in a waste management system. Lagoon Kleen is harmless to humans, animals, birds, fish, and living plants. Lagoon Kleen is non-pathogenic, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Organic Agriculture

This is a naturally formulated product. Always check with your Organic Certifier before using this product in Organic Agriculture.

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