Liquid Aeration

Spray Program.

The Liquid Aeration Spray Program reduces the need for expensive mechanical aeration. Soil Tech Corp. has developed this easy-to-use spray program as an effective method to reduce the long list of issues associated with aeration (equipment breakdown, labor and material costs, etc.).

Research has shown that the combination of Thatch Relief and Oasys Ultra opens up tight soil, increases turfgrass rooting, and reduces excessive thatch. Applications of the Liquid Aeration Program transform treated soils, and the result is healthier grasses that cost less to maintain. Treated turfs perform better and bounce back faster after the heat of mid-summer. (Read the story of one golf course customer here.)

Our Liquid Aeration Program consists of Thatch Relief and Oasys Ultra concentrates that are mixed together in water (min. 50 gal/acre) and spray applied. The Liquid Aeration Program delivers cost savings and predictable results in every situation and for every variety of turfgrass.

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Wes Ory on Liquid Aeration

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