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Bio-control for Pathogenic Nematodes

Nemastop liquid is a new way to suppress nematodes that attack vegetables, fruits, turfgrass, and ornamentals.
Nemastop is a post-planting treatment that contains plant extracts and fatty acids that reduce the rate of infection by nematodes and fungi. Nemastop works by disrupting the physiological processes of the pest, including the root location mechanism of nematodes. Very effective against Root-Knot nematodes.


0.67 oz./1000 sq.ft. in food crops. 2.0 oz./1000 sq.ft. in turf and ornamentals.

Product Information

Sizes & Pricing

Size Price Qty.
1 Quart $37.95
1 Gallon $149.00
5 Gallon $689.00
55 Gallon $6,932.00 Contact us to order