Garlic Gard

Insect and animal repellent

OMRI listed SoilTech Garlic Gard is an all-natural spray that utilizes one of the most ancient methods known to discourage insect infestations and nuisance animals. Used to repel a variety of insects, Garlic Gard is easy on the environment and effective for up to a month.

Garlic Gard is produced by a unique process that enhances the enzyme action which occurs when garlic (Allium sativum) is crushed. This improves the insect repellency of natural garlic juice. The spray becomes odorless in less than five minutes after application. Although it is odorless to humans, insects and animals detect the presence of Garlic Gard botanical extract and go elsewhere.


  • Cost competitive with pesticides
  • Repels insects up to a month
  • Pests do not build up resistance to Garlic Gard
  • Can be used on sensitive plants and turf
  • No special handling or protective clothing
  • Spray is harmless to beneficial insects

No re-entry restrictions.

Garlic Gard is EPA Registration Exempt per EPA - FIFRA Reg. 40 CFR Title 40, Chapter 1, Subchapter E, 152.25(f).

Organic Agriculture

Garlic Gard is a natural product. Always check with your Organic Certifier before using any product in Organic Agriculture.

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