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TurfTech Bio

Bio-Inoculant for Turf
TurfTech Bio

The original biological product for turfgrass, introduced in 1986. TurfTech Bio combines the proven performance of Turftech’s nitrogen-fixing organisms with beneficial microbes that improve plant health and prevent fungal pathogens. The product comes as an easy-to-use wettable powder that can be tank-mixed for spraying. TurfTech Bio is a cost-effective tool for improving golf course soils, sports turf, and home lawns.


4 oz./acre applied at 4-8 week intervals.

Product Information

Sizes & Pricing

Size Price Qty.
1 lb. jar $199.00
4 lbs. case $788.00
8 lbs. case $1,544.00
20 lbs. case $3,340.00
30 lbs. drum $4,290.00
50 lbs. drum $7,150.00