TurfTech Bio-Min

Bio-fertilizer & Re-mineralizer.

This powerful soil and plant enhancer combines a patented blend of beneficial microbes with volcanic rock powders. Treated turf shows improved color and resists damage by drought, disease, insects, and fungi. TurfTech Bio-Min adds vitality to areas prone to wear and tear, resulting in fewer hotspots.  TurfTech Bio-Min also provides customers with remarkable cost savings compared to standard fertilizers.


One pound/acre at 4-6 week intervals.

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Benefits of TurfTech Bio Min from a 15 Year User
Success with TurfTech Bio Min From a New User
TurfTech Bio Min Ended Brown Spot, Poa Controls & Seedhead Suppression
TurfTech Bio Min Enhances Turf Color & Reduces Need for Chemical Inputs
TurfTech Bio Min Dramatically Improves Clay Soil

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