TurfTech Bio-Min: Enhancing soil fertility and health for over 30 years

March 22, 2022

Blue_Drum_Bio-Min_Label_(1)-240x240 article 18TurfTech Bio-Min has been providing golf course superintendents with a unique problem-solving tool for over three decades. This multi-action bio-fertilizer: cuts fertilizer needs, replaces minerals that may have been depleted due to clipping removal, reduces soil compaction, and suppresses turfgrass pathogens.

TurfTech Bio-Min’s easy-to-use formulation consists of: 1) nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria that restore the soil’s biological fertility; 2) beneficial bacteria to inhibit fungal development; 3) volcanic minerals that supply over 60 major and minor elements; 4) polysaccharides that improve crumb structure of the soil.

TurfTech Bio-Min is a powerful tool that has helped hundreds of superintendents to keep their courses in top condition, even in the worst of circumstances. As a result, TurfTech Bio-Min was featured in the cover story of Golfdom magazine’s November 2011 issue.

Blog - Pic from Article 2The article was titled, Just Add Germs: How microbes could dramatically change the way you fertilize your golf course.

The article begins with, “For years, superintendents have shrugged off microbial biofertilizers as just another batch of snake oil. But recently, biofertilizers infused with beneficial microbes that can help release nutrients bound in the soil are starting to make an impact for superintendents around the country. The latest information suggests that biofertilizers can reduce the quantity of necessary N applications, combat diseases and increase turf health. How about that? Germs can be your friends.”

Rick Hynson, superintendent at the Boone Valley Golf Club describes his experience with TurfTech Bio-Min. “I have been a golf course superintendent for 30 years in the Saint Louis, MO. area. Saint Louis is known for having very brutal summers. Couple that with the fact that I have 40 acres of bentgrass on my golf course and it’s safe to say that I have my hands full.”

“I started using TurfTech Bio-Min in 2004 after I was introduced to the product by Barbara Agee, my Soil Tech Consultant. I was looking for a product that would help me to cut down on the need for synthetic fertilizer applications during the summer months, so I gave it a try. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only do I get a nice sustained growth response when it is applied, but there is a noticeable decrease in the amount of thatch in my bentgrass. My clay soil has become restructured and is now something I can work with. I have indeed reduced the need for granular fertilizers which saves my golf course money. Bio-Min helps me to actually grow grass in the summer instead of always just fighting to keep it alive. In conclusion I would like to thank the Soil Technologies Team for producing products that really work. You have made my job easier, and in Saint Louis every little bit counts. Thanks again.”

Mr. Hynson’s comments, made in November of 2011, provide a very clear and concise summary of how and why golf course superintendents have adopted this remarkable bio-fertilizer technology.

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