Bio-Mega, “A Total Microbial Ecosystem”

February 6, 2015

Bio-Mega-240x240 - article 43What is our TurfTech Bio-Mega product all about? How does it work and how can golf course superintendents and other landscape professionals use it to enhance their turf performance? We hope this blog post will answer these questions and inform you about this revolutionary golf and turf product.

What is TurfTech Bio-Mega?

Steve Nichols, Exec. V.P. of Soil Technologies Corp. recently stated, "TurfTech Bio-Mega is a natural extension to our TurfTech branded products. Since 1986, TurfTech products have been trusted by turf managers world-wide to reduce soil compaction, inhibit turf diseases, and cut fertilizer requirements. Now, TurfTech Bio-Mega is available to turf managers who are seeking a total microbial ecosystem for transforming the rhizosphere and improving turf performance under all kinds of challenging conditions."

The TurfTech Bio-Mega formula is an enhancement of the original TurfTech formula that was developed in conjunction with Dr. Fred Williams at Iowa State University during the 1980's. The TurfTech product line was created to provide golf turf managers with an effective, broad-spectrum bio-inoculant used as an alternative to chemical inputs. Research at major turfgrass universities confirmed the efficacy of TurfTech. Data confirmed that TurfTech's nitrogen-fixing organisms could replace part of the fertilizer needed by fine turfs. In addition, research published by the E.P.A., showed that TurfTech was an effective method of reducing soil compaction. Finally, work done in the late 1990's confirmed that TurfTech could reduce the incidence and severity of fungal pathogens of turf.

What Makes TurfTech Bio-Mega Different?

This new TurfTech Bio-Mega formula adds a diverse concentration of beneficial microbials that are known to improve turf rooting, nutrient uptake, and plant health.  In addition, Bio-Mega contains a variety of plant-derived substances including steroidal saponins. The impact of these phyto-chemicals, when combined with Bio-Mega’s microbial communities, is a genuine breakthrough based on solid soil science.

With the introduction of TurfTech Bio-Mega, Soil Tech Corp. offers the next evolution in the development of biologically derived products. TurfTech Bio-Mega promises to provide turf managers with an economically feasible method of reducing fertilizer, fungicides, and water requirements while achieving a greener, denser, more vigorous, disease-resistant turf.

How do you use TurfTech Bio-Mega?

Bio-Mega is easy to use! It is shipped as a dry powder. Simply mix the dry powder with 60-100 gallons of water per acre. Agitate the mixture thoroughly to keep the product in suspension for uniform spray coverage. Spray the mixture to the point of dripping on the target plant foliar surface. Water in (irrigate) after application. Spray with pressure at the nozzle greater than 25 lbs. p.s.i. Bio-Mega has the consistency of lime or talc and will pass a standard 60 mesh screen. Because Bio-Mega should not be mixed with chlorinated water, de-chlorinator is provided with each order.

What Can TurfTech Bio-Mega Do?

With TurfTech Bio-Mega you can expect many benefits including:

  • Improved turfgrass rooting
  • Improved plant growth and vigor
  • Improved plant health
  • Improved soil structure and fertility
  • Reduced fertilizer and chemical needs
  • Better playability and ball roll

Check back at our blog frequently to learn more about TurfTech Bio-Mega and our other outstanding products!

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