Bio Mega - Customer Review

February 17, 2016

Blue_drum_-Bio-Mega-240x240 - article 42Our Customers Say it Best!

We love our products, of course we do! But when our customers love them so much that they take the time to tell us about it--well that’s something extra special.

One of our newest customer testimonials is from Matt Whalen. In a brief video Matt tells us about his experience with Soil Tech’s Bio-Mega. This breakthrough product combines a diverse concentration of beneficial microbials, steroidal saponins and other plant-derived substances to form a total microbial ecosystem.

TurfTech BioMega has increased the root mass on his greens, leading to some real results. His turf has survived everything from vandals to hydraulic leaks to heat. As Matt says, “There’s something going on in the soil and we’re reaping the benefits.”

Take a look here:

Bio-Mega Customer Review (link not working video unavailable)

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