Great TurfTech BioMin Review From a 15 year User

March 24, 2016

Untitled design - 2023-03-27T163216.015Soil Tech has been in the microbial business for decades. That gives us a depth of experience that other manufacturers just don't have, and it also gives us a lot of satisfied customers! If you want to know more, click on over to our customer video testimonials on Turftech BioMin and listen to a 15 year user tell us about the many benefits he's seen with this product. Turf color improved right away, and soil and turf quality have continued to improve over the years of continued use. This very satisfied customer has also found TurfTech BioMin economical to use because it has eliminated so many other costs, includingbrown patch treatment, pre-emergent & post-emergent controls, Poa controls and seedhead control.

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