Oasys Ultra

A Natural Wetting Agent.

Oasys Ultra is an OMRI Listed green surfactant. This premium quality, non-burning wetting agent combines quillaja extract, humic acid, and kelp extract to provide a natural, non-burning alternative to chemical penetrants, wetting agents, and sticker-spreaders. Oasys Ultra is plant-derived, making it biodegradable and an excellent food source for beneficial bacteria. It can even be applied as a 'rescue' in hot and dry weather when plants are most stressed.

Our Liquid Aeration Program consists of Thatch Relief and Oasys Ultra concentrates that are combined in water (min. 50 gal/acre) and spray applied. The Liquid Aeration Program delivers cost savings and predictable results in every situation and for every variety of turfgrass.


One gallon per acre, 2-3 times annually. For extremely compacted soils or hard clay soils, use Oasys Ultra at 2 gal./acre rate.

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Bac-Pack & Oasys Ultra for Nematode Pressure

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