Oasys Ultra

A natural penetrant, wetting agent, and sticker-spreader.

Oasys Ultra is an OMRI Listed green surfactant. This premium quality, non-burning wetting agent combines quillaja extract, humic acid, and kelp extract to provide a natural, non-burning alternative to chemical penetrants, wetting agents, and sticker-spreaders. Oasys Ultra is plant-derived, making it biodegradable and an excellent food source for beneficial bacteria. It can even be applied as a 'rescue' in hot and dry weather when plants are most stressed.

This product is water soluble and mixes easily with liquid fertilizers and pesticides, offering better penetration of active ingredients.


One gallon per acre at 2-4 week intervals.

Please Contact our Agricultural Sales Department for Pricing information

Phone: +1-641-472-3963 EXT 103


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