Robust Plus

Beneficial Rhizobacteria Soil / Root Inoculant with 10 Percent Amino Acid.

Robust is a unique blend of rhizobacteria with 10% amino acid and is designed to improve plant health and vigor. The ingredients in Robust have been shown to reduce the amount of synthetic chemicals needed for maintaining the health of plant roots and foliage.

The Robust formula stimulates and strengthens plant cell tissues. The ingredients in Robust are utilized by the plant for increasing resistance and antagonism to invading organisms, especially pathogenic soil fungi. The product increases plant resistance to disease pressure, producing more healthy plants with increased vigor and potential for higher yields.

Robust is available as a dry soluble powder that can be applied in the furrow, used as a transplant root dip, applied in a drip irrigation system or applied to other plant parts. Robust is to be mixed with water and spray or drench applied or injected through an irrigation system. Robust is non-toxic to plants, animals and humans. It is non-polluting and safe for the environment.

Robust dosage varies, depending on the application method and purpose. See the Technical Data Sheet for details.

Organic Agriculture

This is a naturally formulated product. Always check with your Organic Certifier before using this product in Organic Agriculture.

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