Greens with Liquid Aeration Can Handle a lot of Stress

January 20, 2021

“After seeing an ad for the Liquid Aeration program, and then reading a few testimonials, my interest grew in the products. A lot of golf is crammed into our short seasons here in Wyoming, so anything we can do to stay ahead is a bonus. After 3 years on the program, I am sold and especially after 2020,” says Superintendent John Roth, GCS at Paradise Valley Golf Center in Casper, Wyoming.

He goes on to explain what it was that sold him on the Soil Tech program, “Upon starting this program I felt our greens were in good shape so a noticeable difference was not obvious right away. What was obvious was the condition of the greens the following spring. The wind in Wyoming during the winter is utterly ruthless so desiccation is always my biggest concern (much more than any winter fungus even when we average 80” of snow). Since we only topdress heavy with no covers, we have to keep an eye on them and keep the water flowing.”

“When the temperatures started upward, I was very pleased to see that all the greens were without any issues, therefore good playing conditions were achieved much earlier,” states John.

He goes on to explain how Liquid Aeration helped him during the 2020 golf season, “This past year we were scheduled to replace our irrigation controllers. With the material on-site and then the COVID-19 virus starting to cause problems, we decided against bringing in a contractor and to do the work ourselves. The extremely dry weather put the job into a critical phase as we didn’t want to be without water for too long. With the virus came an unbelievable amount of golfers which caused a huge delay when trying to identify sprinklers in between groups of players. Every day the crew asked me if there was another tournament and every day I said NO, just jobless golf fanatics. Since they were on the worst irrigation schedule possible, I fully expected to have some issues with the greens, but honestly, even with all they were facing, the low humidity and high temps, sporadic watering and heavy traffic, the greens were fine. I don’t plan on undertaking another project like that in the middle of the summer, but I now know that these greens with Thatch Relief and Oasys Ultra can handle a lot of stress.”

And, according to John, there are many other advantages. “Throughout the summers in the past we have had our fair share of LDS and extra attention was always needed. The past two years we have not had those issues and especially this year with no rainfall from April to mid-September I felt that the Thatch Relief was doing its job.”

When asked about the ease of usage with the products, he says, “We spray on a normal basis every two weeks and to integrate this program into the existing routine was not even a consideration. It is a reasonably priced program, but when we can eliminate hand watering and a couple needle-tines throughout the summer its cost effectiveness becomes even greater. Also, I have always been a fan of organics so to try another product is just normal business.”

Lastly, John concludes, “Due to the fact that the summers in Wyoming are quite short most years, and then very unpredictable the next, we do not always complete our list of projects…..aerification being one of them. Pulling plugs in the snow or waiting for the ground to thaw seems to be a common occurrence.  With the small window to get our work done, comes an even smaller level of golfer patience. Anything we can do to keep the course playable is truly our biggest goal. Liquid Aeration is a plus in that regard.”

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