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Category: Turf & Ornamental

Liquid Aeration Saves Time and Cuts Hassles

Liquid Aeration Saves Time and Cuts Hassles ~with Wes Ory, Heritage Lawns & Irrigation Wes Ory is owner and founder of Heritage Lawns & Irrigation in Kansas City, in business since 1995. Heritage Lawns prides themselves on being an earth-friendly lawn and irrigation company. Their focus is trying to do the right thing, whether it’s saving water with their irrigation services, or using organic fertilization practices. According to Wes, Kansas City has a real heavy clay soil that bakes down into brick every summer. Heritage Lawns had [...] Continue Reading →

Bac-Pack Helps Superintendent Cut Fungicide Sprays by 65%

Bac-Pack Helps Superintendent Cut Fungicide Sprays by 65% When Mike Greene, GCS first came to the Downriver Golf Course in Spokane WA in early 2016, it was the year that the golf course turned 100 years old. (See a video of Mike describing his experience with Bac-Pack, or just keep reading to learn more.)  “This is a really old poa golf course," he says. "Lots of trees, lots of shade, and we came into really constant Fusarium pressure almost 12 months a year. We threw all the tools [...] Continue Reading →

Q&A How to Re-Start a Lawn Without Conventional Weed Killers

Q&A How to Re-Start a Lawn Without Conventional Weed Killers Q: I have a section of lawn that is in really terrible shape. I would like to kill the existing weeds and grass and start over, but this lawn is part of a playground area, so I don’t want to use conventional weed killers--can you help? A: Phydura is great for this type of situation. Choose a sunny day in fall or spring to spray and be careful that it does not drift onto humans, pets, or any plants you [...] Continue Reading →

Avoiding Algae Blooms from Fertilizer Runoff

Avoiding Algae Blooms from Fertilizer Runoff It’s an all-too-common occurrence--irrigation or rain water causing fertilizer to run off into nearby ponds and lakes. The turf is no greener, the plants no more lush, and fertilizer (and money) is wasted. And to top it all off, nearby ponds are polluted, leading to unsightly algae blooms. This pollution process has a long name: eutrophication. A Closer Look at the Problem of Eutrophication Eutrophication happens whenever a body of water becomes overfilled with nutrients thanks to runoff from the [...] Continue Reading →

New Sizes and Lower Prices on Natural Pest Control Products that Work!

Got Pests? Soil Tech can help. We specialize in pest control products that work and are safe for people, pets and the environment. New this week, we’ve got lower prices on some of our favorites and made smaller sizes available to make it easy for you to try them out.   CHASE MOLE Get rid of moles, armadillos, gophers or other burrowing pests with Chase mole products. The granules are available in quantities from 6-600 pounds and the liquid version [...] Continue Reading →

Plant Hormones and Root Development

Plant Hormones and Root Development What are plant hormones and why are they important? Here we will introduce a few common hormones and their functions, including cytokinins for root development. What They Are Plant hormones, also called phytohormones or plant growth factors, are signal molecules essential to plant growth. Unlike animals, which have glands to secrete hormones in the body, plants produce hormones in every cell, in low concentrations. These hormones have different functions in the physiology of the plant, from determining the formation of [...] Continue Reading →

How to Protect Beneficial Insects

How to Protect Beneficial Insects While there are many insects that are considered pests and may pose a threat to crops, there are many more insects that are actually beneficial to plants and eliminate other harmful insects. In this blog post, we’ll explain what beneficial insects are and how to protect and use them to benefit your crops. What are Beneficial Insects? Beneficial Insects are insects that perform positive functions in a growing environment. This commonly includes pollination or pest control. Beneficial Insects can occur [...] Continue Reading →

Great TurfTech BioMin Review From a 15 year User

Great TurfTech BioMin Review From a 15 year User Soil Tech has been in the microbial business for decades. That gives us a depth of experience that other manufacturers just don't have, and it also gives us a lot of satisfied customers! If you want to know more, click on over to our customer video testimonials on Turftech BioMin and listen to a 15 year user tell us about the many benefits he's seen with this product. Turf color improved right away, and soil and turf quality have continued [...] Continue Reading →

Dynaweed is Back! (And with a price rollback as well)

Dynaweed is Back! (And with a price rollback as well) What is Dynaweed? You can think of Dynaweed as a natural “weed and feed” treatment for your lawn and garden. Dynaweed uses the power of corn gluten to give you both these benefits in one easy to use, minimum risk package. Dynaweed is the safe and effective way to kill weeds before they start and give a nitrogen boost to your lawn and garden at the same time.   Dynaweed is a Natural Herbicide As a chemical-free alternative to other [...] Continue Reading →

Biochemical and Biological Control of Nematodes

Biochemical and Biological Control of Nematodes Biochemical and biological nematode control methods are useful for those who want to decrease the expense and risk associated with toxic agricultural chemicals without reducing yields. There are three basic approaches to biochemical/biological control of nematodes: Increase plant health by increasing the health of the soil those plants grow in Increase plant resilience by increasing the nutrient base supplied to the plants Decrease the population of nematodes by using insecticides that are not toxic to humans and other nontarget organisms [...] Continue Reading →